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Visionary, emotional and unique: «The Rinspeed Collection». Mobility of tomorrow here today. Touchable. Experienceable. Irresistible. Zumikon next to Zurich.

“Mobility of tomorrow” - this theme has blossomed into the “hot topic” of our time - especially today. It fascinates, polarizes, affects us all and moves us not only physically but also emotionally. And everyone has their own opinion and attitude to it. Lively and controversial discussions are guaranteed.

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Dive in with us (in the truest sense of the word)!

Are you looking for an out-of-the-box atmosphere to hold a client or company event with your customers or employees? Then you are right with us. You will find over twenty touchable Rinspeed concept vehicles in our small museum “The Rinspeed Collection”. Amongst them is the only functional diving car in the world.

The extraordinary, unique, emotional and visionary innovation and mobility environment with guaranteed exclusivity: the public is denied access.

No matter whether a workshop, a presentation, a customer event, an aperitif, a business or press stand-up lunch, a team event, a company anniversary or a general assembly: Our premises offer creative space for all kinds of “mobile” events: Mobility that moves.

Take advantage of the opportunities to give an exciting keynote on the

  • Future of mobility

  • Sustainability and automated driving

  • Innovations and technologies of the future

plan in your event. Presented - among others - by the founder and company owner of Rinspeed Inc., Mr. Frank M. Rinderknecht.

However, the scope for possibilities is not limited to the location. Culinary journeys are also possible with us. Do you have an uncomplicated aperitif, a standing lunch, a multi-course menu or something completely different? We are happy to assist you with the ideation and execution.

Since every occasion has its own character, we always put together the quotations individually. Let us know your ideas and wishes!

Have we sparked your interest, and would you like to give your guests a unique experience? Then arrange a first appointment with us at media@rinspeed.com and convince yourself of the exclusive, unique concept vehicles atmosphere. 

Welcome to “The «Rinspeed Collection»!

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Rinspeed Entdecken

Here you will find a journey through our vehicles! Discover Rinspeed means experiencing Rinspeed, here's our concept car:

  • 2022 | RINSPEED CitySnap
  • 2021 | RINSPEED CitySnap
  • 2021 | RINSPEED CitySnap
  • 2020 | RINSPEED MetroSnap
  • 2019 | RINSPEED microSNAP
  • 2018 | RINSPEED Snap
  • 2017 | RINSPEED Oasis
  • 2016 | RINSPEED Σtos
  • 2015 | RINSPEED Budii
  • 2014 | RINSPEED XchangE
  • 2013 | RINSPEED microMAX
  • 2012 | RINSPEED Dock+Go
  • 2011 | RINSPEED Bamboo
  • 2010 | RINSPEED UC?
  • 2009 | RINSPEED iChange
  • 2008 | RINSPEED sQuba
  • 2007 | RINSPEED eXasis
  • 2006 | RINSPEED zaZen
  • 2005 | RINSPEED Senso
  • 2004 | RINSPEED Splash
  • 2003 | RINSPEED Bedouin
  • 2002 | RINSPEED Presto
  • 2001 | RINSPEED Rone
  • 2000 | RINSPEED Tatooo.com
  • 1999 | RINSPEED X-Trem M.U.V.
  • 1998 | RINSPEED E-Go Rocket
  • 1997 | RINSPEED Mono Ego
  • 1996 | RINSPEED Yello Talbo
  • 1995 | RINSPEED Roadster R + SC-R
  • 1994 | RINSPEED Cyan
  • 1993 | RINSPEED Veleno
  • 1992 | RINSPEED Speed-Art